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How do I create an account?

You can create a new account using Facebook, Google or simply by entering your details on our registration page. Make sure that no field is empty and don’t forget to add your photo. Tenants will feel more comfortable to deal with the real person.

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Do I need to provide personal information?


Only what matters! We need your name and contact information. We will not share your details with anyone without your consent.

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Will I receive telephone calls from the Agents?


Emoh App is designed in such way that the Estate Agents cannot see your properties or communicate with you on the Emoh messenger. Your contact details are not advertised anywhere. Please report to us, should you be contacted by the Agent who is registered as Tenant. This is strictly prohibited.

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Do I have to provide property address?


Yes, you will have to provide the correct property address. The address is essential for Google address mapping. Only part of the address will be displayed for the Tenants though.

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How many properties can I list?


You can list as many properties as you wish.

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What shall I write in the property listing?


We advise you to create brief but detailed description of your property. State how many bedrooms and bathrooms and if the kitchen is separated or open plan. Is it in a block of flats or period conversion? What floor? Is the property carpeted or wooden floor? Try to state important facts. We advise you not to describe local area and local schools. Leave this to us.


How much does it cost?


It is currently free.

Can I see the tenants, who are looking for rental properties?


Yes of course. Emoh App is very clever! When a new tenant registers on the App and provides their property requirements, Emoh will match the Tenant to the advertised properties and place all suitable Tenants in the Menu->Tenants on the left.


How do I start communication with the potential tenant?

Just go to Menu->Tenants, click on the Tenant and send a message.



Can Tenants contact me?


Yes! Emoh will shortlist properties matching Tenant’s requirements. Tenants can send you a message via Emoh messenger. You will receive notification on your mobile, that there is a message awaiting in Emoh App. Tenants, however, cannot see your mobile number and email address in your Emoh profile. It is up to you to share this information.




Can I give out my contact details?


Yes! Feel free to exchange email addresses and phone numbers with your new tenant. Emoh does not restrict your communication in any way.


How do I arrange a viewing of my property?


Just communicate with the prospective Tenant and arrange suitable time to meet at the property.


Do I have to pay you a fee if the Tenant wants to rent my property?


Absolutely not! Emoh App is free to use.


What shall I do about references?


Our team can help with that too! When you list a property, just select an option “Reference my tenant” at the end of property details. We will receive your request and contact you shortly.


Can you provide me with the tenancy agreement?


Of course! We will create a Shorthold Tenancy Agreement for your new tenancy. When you list a property, just select an option “I need a tenancy agreement” at the end of property details. We will receive your request and contact you shortly.



I am interested in full management. Can you help?


We are happy to help! When you list a property, just select an option “I am interested in full management” at the end of property details. We will receive your request and contact you shortly.


I want my property to be advertised on main portal. Is there such option?


Yes! Once more, the option is available at the end of your property details. Select it and you will be presented with in-App Payment. This service cost £29 per month for unlimited number of properties.

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